I spy with my little eye … in San Fran

The line in front of me at a local bakery this morning …

… and the line behind me! It took 30 minutes to get in. Worth it in the end!

Inside the door, finally!

At last, the pastries are within reach 🙂

And way across town, tasty salted pig parts. Proudly available at a local market near you:

I think these guys might actually sell cheese:

No time for diets:

Speaking of diets, if you do have to be on one, this little guy will let out a screaming MOO every time you unclip that bag of cookies or chips:

Always dreamed of owning your own mushroom mini-farm? Step right up:

Look everyone, it’s the 1920s again, and it’s awesome:

Drop it like it’s (a) hot (dog):

Chocolate … with a bit of fruit on the side:

Jump as high as you like:

Houdini. Insert a note and watch your money escape from your wallet:

Never let it be said that the world hasn’t catered for you:

So that’s where they go when Seal Island is full:

Pulling out of San Francisco harbour on my private yacht:

Both sides of Golden Gate Bridge:

The Rock – left, right and centre:

I’ve heard of a duplex, but a triplex? Apparently, they actually exist:

A different kind of street sign:

This isn’t just an antique, although it’s obviously old. It’s there to be used if needs be:

It’s surprising when you’re surprised that some societies do care:

They need a school for this?

So that’s what the tram lines are for:

Like prices, the roads are steep!

Gives a new meaning to your car having a flat: