February 2011

How to delete all your mail at once on your iPhone 4 (updated for iOS 6, including iPhone 4S and iPhone 5)

It’s taken me months to find the solution to this irritating problem. Until now, I’ve had to delete mail by clicking on ‘edit’, and then selecting each individual mail. This is great when you have four messages but painful when you have 100. Or 400, as was the case today. So I searched and searched, and finally found the answer. This has made the phone 10x more enjoyable to use.

1. Go into your inbox
2. Press Edit
3. Select one message to delete
4. Press and hold the delete button
5. While you are still holding the delete button, uncheck the email you just selected
6. Release the delete button

Now you will be shown a prompt to either “Delete All” or Cancel.

That’s it. It takes one second and you’re done. Hallelujah!


UPDATE for iOS 6, including iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 / 6

1. Go to your inbox
2. Press Edit
3. Tap any message once to select it
4. Press AND HOLD the Move button
5. While still holding the Move button, tap the message you selected
6. Release the Move button
7. This will bring up a dialog box asking you which folder you’d like to move all your messages to – just select the Trash folder and you’re all done

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What kind of human beings do this in traffic?


As you can see, the robot is green for me to go. But I can’t, because 10 000 cars (more or less) have blocked the intersection from the other direction. What irritates me is that I stopped at the light change before this, when I could see that I couldn’t get across without blocking the way for these people. These very same drivers then proceeded not to give a hoot about exactly that to me.