July 2012

Moving on from Zoopy

After launching Zoopy in March 2007, we have built a company and service that we have been incredibly proud of. We have decided that it’s now time for us to move on to new opportunities and we will be leaving Zoopy at the end of September. We would like to wish the company the very best going forward.

Jason Elk, CEO
Pat Elk, Operations Director

GrandWest Casino cares about apostrophes as much as I do

The punctuation/grammar grinch in me was recently quite disturbed to find that the posters in GrandWest Casino’s foyer were headlined with Whats On instead of What’s On.

So, thinking that the world had lost all hope of keeping the Queen’s English alive, I posted this tweet:

As you can see from my tone, I was mostly talking out loud to the universe and didn’t expect a reply. Until this popped up on my timeline today:

So I clicked on the photo link and this popped up:

Easily the coolest brand response to a user on Twitter I’ve ever seen. Period (yes, it’s a pun, because we’re talking about punctuation).