An afternoon of discovery at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is one of those special places that you can visit again and again, not just because it’s such a beautiful natural environment, but because there’s just so much of it!

After our last visit, we decided to enter through the Victoria gate this time to be able to explore the Princess of Wales conservatory (with various zones), Waterlily House, Palm House and much more in between.

We also visited Kew Palace, which is set in the grounds of Kew Gardens and which was once home to King George III (who was thought to be mad, but instead suffered from undiagnosed porphyria), Queen Charlotte and their daughters. The kitchens were especially interesting to see, with much of the interior furniture and equipment purpose-built for the palace.

On the way back to the Tube station, we stopped by some of the little Kew village shops and popped into one of them for a drink at their tables outside. Elderflower Presse is an all natural mix of elderflowers, lemon juice, sugar and water. Absolutely delicious!