Guns in my inbox. When email spam goes too far.

I can deal with spam. I just delete batches at a time and every odd week I’ll make the effort to unsubscribe. Though whether that actually makes a difference is another story. Some theories suggest that once the spammer receives your unsubscribe request, they know that you’re a ‘live one’ – that your address is actually checked and read by a human – and this then opens Pandora’s box on even more spam from different addresses and services.

Anyway, what I can’t deal with is being confronted with spam that includes photos of rifles and pistols. I’m not a gun lover (though I don’t mind other people owning them) and even though these are ‘air guns’, they’re still grisly enough to make me want to write this post. Maybe it’s because I’m a huge fan of wildlife, and guns are at the exact opposite end of the spectrum, but I find the thought and the sight of them seriously repulsive.

So, Mr Spammer, thanks for irritating me twice in one go. I hope it was worth it.