August 2013

Apparently spelling is difficult to do well in a vacuum

So not only can’t they spell vacuums, but they can’t even get the same misspelling right (wrong?) twice in row :/

P.S. ‘Cleane’ must be somewhere between ‘clean’ and ‘cleaner’. So a bit more than clean, but not quite as much as if it was cleaner than clean.

Finally, good grammar is the cool kid in class. Well, cool enough to get onto BuzzFeed at least.

Who knew that this tweet of mine about bad grammar in general, and missing apostrophes in particular, would lead to this response from @GrandWestSA?

Or that one day the whole hullabaloo would end up being featured in this article on BuzzFeed, the viral content aggregator and afficianado of all things uber cool?

Perhaps the Queen’s English is making a comeback, and not a moment too soon as txt spk continues to pervade every device we touch. Good grammar FTW 😉

Check it out: